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Client Testimonials

A collection of testimonials from past & present clients’ who have been privately mentored & coaching by Jade Louise Tibbles.

What my beautiful clients have to say...

Survivor of narcissistic abuse
“The world is truly my oyster now and I'm the pearl within it!”

I initially signed up for a three months package with Jade in February 2021. Not knowing what I wanted from it... but I had a calling for sure when I saw her vibrance on my Facebook feeds! I didn't know at that time how much I needed it. But I knew for sure that something inside me was craving like a calling. Craving for a real change... Little did I know at that time how much change was coming!

I remember my first inner child meditation I did with Jade... I was blown away with emotional happiness and for the first time I had actually breathed out for myself. I realised I had never breathed out for myself, and I just cried. Cried with relief, cried with emotional happiness, I was finally home in my own heart. It was the first time I set myself long and short term goals and saw the power of manifestations unwrap in front of me almost instantly after each call!

One and a half years on from doing the work with Jade, along with some top up sessions in May 2022, I have shed a few old skins and I'm a brand new vibrant me! A "me" that was always there but was too afraid or suppressed by others.... I'm now always true to myself, I'm confident in myself and my thoughts. I have achieved more in the last year than I have in the last 3 decades! I continue my journey with hope, love and determination. The world is truly my oyster now and I'm the pearl within it! My inner world is so special to me now and I love each day as something is always there to be grateful for.

Nosheena Javaid

Survivor of egyptian loverboy
“Jade opened my eyes and showed me the way out of this all”

I enjoyed my sessions so much especially how Jade listened to me with many details, I felt safe with Jade and could be myself. I could put out all my feelings, even when I cried. And I cried a lot Jade was there to comfort me and allowed me to express myself. I loved to make with Jade meditation and even when I wanted to talk about a topic again and again, Jade listened and always Jade had a piece of advice.
I learned from Jade to focus more on myself and to start my day differently. Since we know us, I changed my life. And not just my life, I have more power to change the things in my house. Before I accepted how it was but now I started to change and make things new. And I feel so much better at home. I know how much I am worth now, that I don't have to be good when I don't want, just to make the people like me. I know things I did wrong in the past and I understand now why I did them wrong. I thought I am not worthy to be loved, and I understand why I thought it. And I have to love myself at first, and I don't have to be afraid to be alone.
I am stronger now and I don't feel bad anymore when I say no to things I don't want to do. Before I felt guilty, but it's not my job to make everybody happy. I was so afraid to be alone that I hold on to things even when it was not good for me. But now I enjoy my life again. I was really depressed, and I couldn't sleep anymore. Now I feel my power and my happiness back again. In the last few years, I was many times sick, and I didn't know why. Never I was sick so much and now I understand, my body wanted to warn me.
Jade opened my eyes and showed me the way out of this all. And explained to me why this all happened. And also, that most things happened in my childhood, and I have to work with my inner child going forward.

Anita Radwan
Relationship recovery
“Jade allowed me to be more confident and bring out the real me”
Thank you so much Jade for all the support and wisdom over the last 9 months! I came to Jade at the start of 2022, vulnerable as ever and I can't thank Jade enough for making me stay strong and believe in myself. With Jade’s support, I didn't go back to a broken relationship when I'd previously never thought I could be alone.
I value her time so much and she has always been there at the other end of the phone, sending me voice notes or WhatsApp to break down my anxiety or just calming me down sometimes by just allowing me to breathe with her soothing voice. I had so many dilemmas with dating, work and friendships post my life turned upside down and she made me see the world in a different light completely - allowing me to see that there's a reason for everything and to let go of things because it's making room for something better. This positive way of thinking is the reason I kept going.
I've also stopped to think WHY I feel the emotions I feel, and Jade's helped me really delve into my inner child’s needs. By just understanding why I may act a certain way or knowing what my attachment style is, I'm able to really work on myself and know now what I don't want to go forwards. Jade allowed me to be more confident and bring out the real me when I'd lost myself in my relationship.
She's been a Rock - the best
Tanvi Bedre
Relationship recovery
“I started looking at things differently and I was vibing high”

Before I started working with Jade, I was quite lost. I was heartbroken, craving attention and I couldn't understand why bad things happened to good people like me. Whilst working with Jade I found that the love and attention I craved could only be given by me to me. I started doing this and every day I was less heartbroken and actually stopped blaming myself for what others have done to me.
I started looking at things differently and I was vibing high. I managed to recognise red flags and stay away from people that didn't match my energy. I also learnt to put my boundaries into place and not let people cross these boundaries. My biggest achievement over the 3 months has been to give myself the love and attention I deserve. Also meditation. I never thought it would work but listening to my inner child I realised what I needed and have been crying for during my adult life. It was such a deep and moving moment when I realised that everything i am going through was always there and with Jade's guidance and support, I managed to fix that so as an adult I can move forward knowing I am loved.
The best bits for me were the inner child work. Very very emotional and a real eye-opener. Also, how available Jade was to me in between our sessions to help me make sense of some of the things that I came across. This has impacted my life massively. I was unsure therapy on this level would work for me, but I knew I needed help to change my mindset. These sessions definitely helped me do that. The self care routine is so so important. I feel special when I treat myself now and I no longer feel bad. I am so happy in my own company. I no longer need a man or close ones to validate me. I do that myself. I have started putting myself first and I always make sure I am happy first whereas before I put everyone else first and made sure they were happy and forgot my own happiness.
I would and have already recommended these sessions with Jade to others. I've shared a lot of what I went through during this time with others to show if you put in the work, it will change your life.

Nazia Ramzan
Narcissist relationship recovery
“I have been on an incredible journey of self discovery with jade”

My journey with Jade started in May 2021 and continues to flourish to this day on. We have built a very strong rapport. She knows my struggles and helps me see clarity in all aspects of my life. She has guided me through the most darkest, scariest phases of my life. When I first started my mentoring with jade, I didn’t know who I was. I had no vision, no aspiration, no self esteem and no self worth. I felt disconnected and zoned out from the world.
We have worked on me, finding myself and working through the trauma and navigating me through the trials and tribulations of life and building myself back up from the ashes.
Lessons I’ve learnt through my journey with jade:
I teach people how I want to be treated and never accept anything less than I deserve.
Change, even a small one will always cause some discomfort. From little seeds grow mighty trees!
We are forever evolving and shredding layers. I’ve learned to leave it all in the hands of my higher power. I will manifest, plan but whatever is meant for me will never miss me and what is not written for me will be replaced with something better…..

I have been on an incredible journey of self discovery with jade.

Rozeenah Bauteek
Survivor of egyptian man
“Jade constantly makes me feel like I can do anything I set my mind to”
I started with Jade feeling run down, that I had lost my way and felt ready to be a better me and find my shine. After working with Jade I am quite literally a whole new person! Not only did I rediscover who I was, but I also found my purpose, I investigated deeply into why I felt certain things and what made me feel them. I found my calling and spiritual thinking, I put myself first and started listening to my intuition. It’s not failed me yet! 
My biggest achievement during the three months I’d like to say material things and wealth (yes it has manifested)! But my mindset is so different now that it’s the solid grounding feeling I have, the trust I have in how I think, and I found a resounding love for myself that I never had before. With Jade I loved the fact that I could go to her with situations I wasn’t quite sure how to approach, she would listen and advise in confidence. Before I would go to ‘friends’ that would judge me afterward, I knew I was getting the best advice for me from her. Also, the way jade is so easy to speak to, as time progressed and I delved deeper into spirituality, we would bounce ideas and things we have learned to each other. I would be speaking to a friend, as well as my mentor.
I found that self-care heightened my confidence in myself, I feel like the ‘old’ me is back with a new positive mindset. What I want now comes first, my own energy is to be protected and if I come into contact with somebody that doesn’t accept that then it’s bye-bye! Boundaries are solidly put in place in all areas of my life, and I’ve had comments on how great I look!
During my time with Jade, it’s like my eyes have opened and I seriously don’t think it’s possible to go back to my limiting thoughts! This new mindset is so effortless and natural, like it’s been waiting for me to put myself first. As I mentioned before, I have found a friend through Jade, her support in everything I do, and she constantly makes me feel like I can do anything I set my mind to. I’ve developed this sense of fearlessness, one day I’ll be ready to meet somebody, but for now, I love being my main priority and so many good things are coming from that alone.
If you are thinking of doing this type of work, I would honestly just go for it. I had something tell me I needed to do this back in February, at the time I knew I could lose my job any day, I wasn’t sure how I’d afford it, but I went for it anyway. And yes, I did lose my job, but it was like the second I decided to take the chance on myself everything aligned, and I never had to worry about a thing. Also, I’ve picked up a lot that I’ve used when speaking to my own friends and family when they have approached me for advice, it’s an amazing feeling being able to spread the light to others too.  
Thank you for everything Jade!
Amy Burrows
Survivor of narcissistic abuse
“It feels like having an older sister who is incredibly caring and nurturing yet very wise”

Jade was recommended to me by a friend who was receiving therapy from her at that time. Although I didn't like the idea of doing therapy online because I thought it takes away the personal touch and one-to-one connection, I was a little reserved about doing the sessions at first with her but thought I'll give it a go, especially because I saw some seriously positive changes in my friend because of Jade.
I have not regretted going on my journey with Jade. I was going through the most difficult and one of the lowest and darkest times of my life. She is non-judgmental (I've told her my deepest and darkest secrets), she was understanding of my cultural background (I am Jordanian), empathetic towards my situation and we had an undeniable connection (stronger than WiFi!) from the moment I initially messaged her all the way through the sessions that I had done with her. She responds very quickly in between sessions and helps guide me when all I need is someone to listen to me and advise.
She is ALWAYS available unless she is sleeping and the time difference has never been an issue, she always showed up at the times I needed her and she even catered for my crazy early sessions which meant that she always worked around me which put me even further in my comfort zone where I was able to express myself fully. She remembers all the details, every single one, and she follows up too. It feels like having an older sister who is incredibly caring and nurturing yet very wise and she has definitely gone over and beyond what I paid her for and it is because she has a passion and real care for what she does and who she deals with.

She is more than just a therapist. Your typical session will include a friendly catch up and then a lengthy session where she listens to EVERYTHING, without interrupting, nor any disturbances getting in the way, where my mind is literally offloading EVERYTHING inside of it, all the heaviness and all the hardships, no interjections whatsoever. She then expresses everything she needs to say with such compassion and kindness no matter what I have said to her. She then equips me with skills on how to deal with my situation. She has introduced exercises to me that has really helped me connect with myself. She never rushes and she ensures everything has been rounded off before the session ends.

I can't recommend her enough. She's a gem and I will always keep going back to her.

Tasnim Al Azar

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