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Private 1:1  Coaching

with Jade Louise Tibbles

Welcome to my transformational private coaching container! As a certified coach, I specialize in working with women who want to rebuild their lives and become the empowered, strong and resilient woman they have always desired. Together inside this container, we will transform your past pain and hurt into your superpower so you can become the truest version of yourself.


When we go through pain & heartbreak,
it makes us questi
on everything...

It changes who you are and can put you in an extremely dark place. Desperately seeking to understand why, embarrassed to ask for support, yet you feel you have nowhere else to turn.
As a woman who was once in your shoes, I know exactl
y how it feels.
I know you are looking for the reasons as to why you went through all what you wen
t through and I am here to take you under my wing, pull you out of your dark place, give you the answers you are looking for while rebuilding you into the woman you know & desire to be.

My beautiful soul, this is going to be a journey like no other


I know how it feels…


To have your whole world falling apart around you.


Alone and fragile not knowing where to begin or how to move forward.


Putting on a brave face when on the inside you are broken.

Lost, not knowing who you are anymore, no longer recognising yourself.

Hitting rock bottom, embarrassed you are even in this place as you saw yourself such a confident woman in the past.

Doubting everything you ever said & done believing you might have been the problem all along,

Wondering will I ever be able to move on? Will the pain ever go away? Will I ever be able to be me again and live a life I always wanted for myself?

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What you call 'Rock Bottom', I call a Rebirth.

Rock bottom is a vital piece of the transformation process. Used as a solid foundation to rebuild you into the woman you have always desired to be, it's in this place your power is reignited.


If you are at Rock Bottom, you are exactly where you are supposed to be gorgeous one....


Are you now ready to...

Find you again!

Be the version of yourself you have always dreamt to be, letting your uniqueness & authenticity shine through.

Rebuild and transform yourself

Have authority over your mind to no longer allow your thoughts to run your life.

Unconditionally love yourself and finally put yourself first

Create an unbreakable, fully committed relationship with you

Finally be held & begin healing from the past pain you have endured so you can feel happy & free.

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Your past pain has taught your true self to stay hidden, yet this heartbreak is the gamechanger....

This time the pain isn't here to break you but be the making of you and I am going to show you how...
In this container you will realise your pain was never here to change you but to return back to the woman you was put on this earth to be. It's time to call back all your missing pieces so you can remember & rebuild yourself in a way you can't even imagine.

Imagine yourself…


Glowing from the inside out, radiating with self confidence, self love, self respect & happiness

Looking at yourself in the mirror, full of pride truly knowing who are on the inside feeling safe, secure and at peace within.

Loving life like never before, no longer needing/rely on anyone else due to the incredible relationship you have with yourself.

Having direction, knowing exactly what you desire, what lights you up and no longer allowing fear to get in the way. 

Being emotionally mature, knowing exactly how to handle your emotions and your triggers, to constantly grow & evolve. 

Living a life of pure happiness, joy & love, meeting soul aligned people and having the most uplifting friendships & relationships in your life.

Being in a loving relationship with a man who loves you exactly as you are while allowing you to grow as a person.

I already know the incredible woman that lives inside you and it is my job to untangle you from all the ways people want you to be, support you healing from the past and teach you how to love yourself unconditionally.

Then your truest, most authentic self will be brought into this world, the question is are you ready to meet her?
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Private 1:1 Coaching

This is a tailor-made 1:1 mentorship container uniquely designed to cater to your needs on this incredible journey of growth. Providing you with safe space for your truest self to be born. Here is an insight into what will be explored within our journey together:

Your Hidden Self:
· Exploring your inner world to discover which parts of yourself have rejected & abandoned, your shadow side.
· Understanding & healing the reasons why you believe these parts of you don’t belong.
· Begin learning to love, accept & embody these sacred parts of you to bring more of your authenticity into the person you are

Your Power:

· Learning how to quieten the mind & remove the shield placed around your heart.

· Awakening your core feminine essence to nurture and heal your broken heart.

· Igniting your radiance and learning how to lead a heart-led life of unconditional love, inner peace, compassion and empathy.

The World of Your Inner Child:

· Learning how to access your childhood self (your inner child)

· Understanding the world of your inner child to discover the subconscious patterns & limiting beliefs they are holding.

·  Healing, nurturing & empowering your inner child through the programming they have to transform your thought processes & beliefs as an adult today.

Relationship Dynamics:

· Understanding your current relationship with men, both past & present.

· Healing & integrating a healthy view of men, making toxic relationships a thing of the past.

· Transforming your view of men to cultivate healthier relationships in the future.

All of this and so much more…
With the wisdom, healing and empowerment in this container, you will become a version of yourself that you never knew existed. You will become the woman you always wanted to be enjoying the life, career and relationship of your dreams.

Your time has come and your time is NOW!

JLT’s Private
Mentorship Package


4 x 60 minute coaching calls per month*

Invaluable WhatsApp access to support integration between calls

Access to my signature self-care routine

*Mentorship is available for 3, 6 & 12 month periods, for individual sessions please contact me directly.


What my beautiful clients have to say...

The world is truly my oyster now and I'm the pearl within it!”

Nosheena Javaid

“It feels like having an older sister who is incredibly caring and nurturing yet very wise”

Tasnim Al Azar

“She's allowed me to be more confident and bring out the real me when I'd lost myself in my relationship”

Tanvi Bedre


Hello beautiful soul,


I’m Jade

A woman who is deeply passionate about empowering and rebuilding women of this world to being their truest & most authentic versions of themselves. During my own personal journey I have been gifted with an incredible amount of wisdom which I desire to share with the world along with my huge heart.

After going through an extremely challenging break up in 2018  and rebuilding myself from the ground up I know so many women in this world are suffering like I once was. I no longer want women to suffer in silence as I once did, I share my story & my journey to inspire you to begin your own journey of personal development, the greatest gift you can ever give to yourself & the people around you.


Just know if I can rebuild myself from rock bottom, so can you!

Are you ready to become the woman  you have always desired to be?
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