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Jade Louise Tibbles

After exhausting myself by loving someone who never loved me back, I knew I owed it to myself to begin giving that same love back to myself.

The chapter after any pain we endure is the most sacred. A season to give yourself and your heart time to heal. I had been playing a character for far too long and after hitting rock bottom I knew I had to rebuild myself like never before.

To reclaim the pieces of myself I had lost during painful events of my past, reignite the power within me to be able to reconnect to the woman I was put on this earth to be.


It is my mission to...

Help women rebuild themselves from the damage of unhealthy relationships. My goal is to create a safe space for women to heal and empower themselves by rediscovering their inner strength. I'm here to guide you on a journey of self-discovery and provide you with the necessary tools to help you transform your life. If you're ready to reclaim your life and become the woman you deserve to be, I am here to support you every step of the way.

I’m Jade Louise Tibbles a passionate Transformation Coach dedicated to empowering women to process & heal from their hidden pain to reconnect them to the woman they truly are.

After processing my own heartbreak I was able to transform the pain to be the power to rebuild myself from the ground up. To allow my feminine power to rise within and to reclaim the powerful woman I was put on this earth to be. After going through this experience and seeing how this transformed my own life I knew it was my soul’s calling to share this wisdom with the world.
By understanding the world of my Inner Child, my shadow and by fully processing my emotions I was able to reconnect with the depth of my soul, heal my broken heart and become the women I am today.
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Where my journey began…

Anyone who knows me knows I have a huge heart with a lot of love to give, in the past, this has caused me a lot of pain yet now I realize I had to go through that pain to understand how to use my heart in the right way. I have a story that many women can relate to, one which holds moments of triumph and many of pain, one which I look back on with gratitude. Here is the beginning of my journey:

Brought up in a typical picture-perfect middle-class UK family, I was one of 2 kids with me being the oldest, my Dad was developing his career while my mum worked from home

Growing up my family was my world, where I felt most safe and grew quite attached to my mum.

I always felt different growing up like I didn’t fit in and struggled to make friends as I had little self-confidence

At the age of 11, I faced depression. Transitioning from first to secondary school was difficult and it resulted in a tough few months.

Took my third abroad family holiday to Egypt at the age of 13, a holiday which changed me forever.

Late teens, I started to see the hidden cracks in my parent’s marriage, I realised there was a lot more going on than my Mum made out. She tried to protect us, yet she couldn’t any longer.

A few months later my parents divorced, and my entire world had fallen apart. A painful time in my life that I avoided.

Later that year on my 8th visit to Egypt, I fell in love with a man that I thought was the love of my life, I felt fate was guiding me to a new beginning and my happy ever after.

8 months later I followed my heart & soul’s wish, I booked a one way ticket & made Egypt my home

Egypt had my heart since my first visit in 2007. The indescribable feeling of belonging washed over me the moment I stepped off the plane and since that day I never felt complete in the UK again. I knew I had to make Egypt my home and I felt I had finally found how. I thought me meeting this man was the final push I needed to follow my burning desire of moving to Egypt.

I was finally ready to embark on a whole new chapter of life and took the leap of faith. Logically it made no sense yet to my heart and soul it meant everything.

Faith doesn’t make sense,

that’s why it creates miracles

My new life had begun,

I left the pain of my parent’s separation behind and I began building my new life in Egypt yet only a few months later I started seeing the true reality of what I had got myself into.

After 5 years of suffering, I was left broken, lost, empty, hurt and ashamed after I saw the truth about the man I had fallen in love with. I was exposed to the abusive narcissistic side of this man, yet I was too ashamed to speak to the world about what was going on behind closed doors.

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I was led to believe his abusive ways were my doing, I was the one causing the problems and it was my responsibility to fix them or he would leave.

I was in fear of being on my own so it became my mission to fix my faults so we could return to the happiness we had at the beginning, yet little did I know I would completely lose myself in the process.


The person I was led to believe he was at the beginning was nothing but a fantasy

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Breaking point

After 5 years of being verbally, mentally and physically abused, abandoned emotionally, manipulated and never feeling good enough I got to my breaking point.


Real love shouldn’t be this hard, I am not a bad person to be treated like this. I deserve to be happy and loved properly

Letting go…

I have tried so hard, but I knew I must accept I can’t stay in a situation that is never going to change no matter how hard I try, and that’s ok


I had lost sight of who I was, I had lost my sparkle and I needed me back again. In all this darkness I found a determination like no other, the fuel I needed to create my new beginning

Mentally I detached myself from him but I knew it was time to physically remove myself from the misery I was in
Anyone with a narcissist will know that when you try to leave, he will love bomb you into believing he will change and make many broken promises just to get you back. For 3 years I tried to leave yet still held small hopes he would change until one day,

18th August 2018

I couldn’t do it anymore, the glimmer of hope had gone & I finally broke free and left

The separation was the most challenging time of my life, narcissists never make it easy. I wanted to give up so many times, yet I remembered why I was doing this, reassuring myself daily it will be worth it in the end until Covid happened and I truly hit rock bottom

But little did I know this black hole was the portal of transformation I needed.

It was the moment the old me burned to ashes for the Phoenix to rise

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I placed myself in a sacred cocoon and went through a 6 month sensational transformation.

Facing my pain

Understanding my emotions

Committing to my growth

Transforming my pain into my power

Reconnecting to the depths of who I am

Deep forgiveness & an incredible amount of self love


Then she awakened, my true self.


Realising she has been within me all along just waiting to be discovered under all the pain I had been avoiding to feel.

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For the first time in my life, I gave myself the space to process my feelings, to mourn the loss of a future that wasn’t meant to be, the heartbreak I had endured from the abuse and finally process all the pain I had been through in the past.

I allowed my heart to transform my pain into my power

And I led myself home

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My journey is someone else’s survival guide…

I know how many women out there suffer in silence like I once did, how so many have hidden pain that needs to be processed and who I am to keep all this knowledge to myself. I have a huge heart and at the end of 2020, I realised how it needs to be used, by helping, supporting and loving the women out there who need it the most.

As I rise, I desire every other woman to rise with me


For many years I had been supporting women online with their struggles, advising them with the knowledge that I had, keeping my own struggles hidden. After my own transformation, I realised my story was too powerful to keep quiet any longer.

25th January 2021


Was the day this incredible business was born. The day I spoke my truth to the world, shared my story and began inviting other women into my loving arms to begin their healing journeys. Being a safe place and guide transforming women’s lives allowing them to have the same freedom, inner peace and happiness I do now.


Sometimes you just need to take the leap of faith and just know the powers that be will always catch you

The most incredible adventure you will ever go on is...
the journey of discovering your soul

Self love is the purest love you will ever receive

Truly loving yourself is about exploring and loving every piece of who you are. My journey of healing has been and still is about unbecoming everything I thought I should be to learn & discover what my soul came here to be.
Since beginning this journey, I have:


- Become best friends with the little girl I once was, allowing her to heal her broken heart to find the true power within her to empower her to support my journey.
- Spiritually awakened to my soul gifts, exploring my past lives and connecting to many different aspects of myself I never knew existed.
- The awakening of the divine feminine within and healing my distorted views of the masculine, understanding the healthy polarities has given me a deeper understanding of what healthy relationship dynamics are in life.
And sooooo much more


As I evolve so will you, no matter where you are in your journey, I will guide you home

Are you inspired by my journey and would love to begin your own?
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