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Jade Louise Tibbles

Relationship Coach & Mentor

I vow to light the way for women who desire to break free from soul destroying relationships with Egyptian men, heal their shattered hearts & find their true selves. By leading women through an incredibly powerful transformational journey, I enable them to not only survive but thrive! Empowering them to rebuild themselves like no other to rock life again, blossoming in relationships that nurture their heart & be

Rebuild Yourself
Jade Louise Tibbles

With my coaching, you'll learn to live life on your terms, recognizing your worth and becoming confident in your abilities. Tapping into your strengths, identify and conquer your limiting beliefs and taking control of your life making purposeful decisions that align with their deepest desires. My approach is holistic and personalized, I support each client to establish the necessary changes to transform them into the woman they desire to be while creating a fulfilling life grounded in inner peace, love, and self-acceptance.


What my beautiful clients have to say...

“I have been on an incredible journey of self discovery with jade”

Rozeenah Bauteek
“It feels like having an older sister who is incredibly caring and nurturing yet very wise”

Tasnim Al Zeer
“Jade constantly makes me feel like I can do anything I set my mind to”

Amy Burrows

Join My Online Community

A sacred online space for women to come together to reconnect & awaken to the incredible knowledge within. If you have a deep desire to explore the truth of who you are, understand the true depths of your being & reconnect to your truth then this is the community for you.

Narcissist support group

Connect with Me & Let's Transform Your Life

Ready to transform your life for the better?

Then let's chat.

As an experienced coach, I can help guide you on your journey towards a better you. To get started you can book a free 30-minute consultation call by clicking here or filling out the contact form below.


I can't wait  to connect with you and exploring how we can make your hopes & dreams a reality.

All my love,

Jade Louise Tibbles - Relationship Coach

Thank You! I will contact you shortly, JLT x

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